EWU Homecoming 2023 Bonfire

Sponsored the Homecoming Bonfire and Bed Races for the EWU Foundation

At Eastern Washington University, homecoming is a time-honored tradition that brings the campus community together in a blaze of school spirit. This year, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Homecoming Bonfire and Bed Races, with our donation going to the EWU Foundation. These events not only serve as a thrilling display of Eagle pride but also provide a unique opportunity for us to give back to the institution that has been at the heart of our community for decades.

Fanning the Flames of Tradition

The Homecoming Bonfire and Bed Races are more than just events; they’re the embodiment of school spirit. The bonfire, a beacon of camaraderie, signifies the unity and pride that courses through every Eagle’s veins. The Bed Races, on the other hand, add an element of friendly competition, where teams of students, faculty, staff, and community members race down the campus streets with decorated beds, bringing laughter and cheer to all who witness it. By sponsoring these events, we are not only fostering school pride but also preserving the traditions that make our university a special place.

Supporting a Noble Cause

What makes this sponsorship even more meaningful is that our donation was directed to the EWU Foundation. This foundation plays a pivotal role in providing financial support for students, faculty, and academic programs. By contributing to the foundation, we are investing in the future of our university and helping to create opportunities for the next generation of Eagles. It’s not just about giving back; it’s about creating a lasting impact on our beloved institution.

We invite all members of the EWU community, as well as our friends and neighbors, to join us in celebrating the spirit of homecoming and supporting the EWU Foundation. Together, we can make this year’s Homecoming Bonfire and Bed Races a memorable event that not only ignites school spirit but also lights the path toward a brighter future for Eastern Washington University. Let’s gather around the bonfire and race to make a difference!

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Photos courtesy of EWU Housing and Resident Life